Rich German - Reinventing Joint Ventures

Since 1999, Rich German has personally conducted over 18,000 individual coaching sessions (yes 18,000!) and has led seminars for thousands of people. Rich, an avid stand up paddle boarder,  has been paddling off the magical coast of Laguna Beach, California for years now. He loves the ocean and the life living in it, specifically dolphins and whales, and also enjoys playing the guitar, painting, writing, and photography. When he is not working, he can most likely be found relaxing on the beach near his home in Laguna Beach, California.

Rich is the best-selling top 10 author of “Living the Law of Attraction“, and his latest book, “Monetize Your Passion,” currently has over 40,000 copies in circulation.  Rich is considered one of the top business and life coaches in North America, with clients that include entrepreneurs, top sales people, online marketers and small business owners. His signature program is The Epic Coach Academy, a hands-on, year-long coaching program for coaches.

As co-founder of the JV Insider Circle, Rich teaches people how to leverage the power of joint ventures (JV’s). They lead the world’s largest community of JV-minded entrepreneurs.

Rich garnered international media attention from his close encounter on his paddle board with a pod of orcas off the coast of Laguna Beach. His story got the attention of Save The Whales, PETA, Blackfish and Sylvia Earle’s foundation. This incident led him to start Project O, whose mission is to help restore, protect and sustain the ocean, the life living in it and all of humankind. The initial vision is to see the entire coastline of California protected.  Click here to watch Rich paddle with the orcas.

Rich’s philanthropic efforts don’t end with Project O. He is also the founder of the Gen Why Project which supports the 1.6 million homeless youth here in the United States.

TUNE IN to this episode to as Rich chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about joint ventures and how they are the fastest way to get clients, build your mailing list, and make an impact.


In This Episode

1 – What Your Ex May Have In Common With Florida; First Look At Your Lifestyle Goals; Never Work On Monday; Take Off On Friday; From Losing It All In The Hurricane To Moving To California With Two Backpacks In Hand
2 – Annual JVX Event Where Members Come Together; There Are Different Kinds Of Joint Ventures; Real Estate And Gay Porn Producer JV; The Story Of Rich Dating Steve’s Cousin; The Move To Key West Was Symbolic
3 – Creating A Lifestyle; Paddleboarding With Dolphins And Whales; The Orca Experience Leads To Connecting With The Oceanographic People; New Blue Laguna Coffee Table Book Of Imagery

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