Dave Farrow - Reinventing Improved Memory

Dave rose from obscurity, with severe medical and learning challenges. But he didn’t let those challenges hold him back! Today, Dave is the 2-time Guinness Record holder for greatest memory and teaches skills and strategies to people on how to improve their memory to improve focus, increase reading speed and comprehension.

The Farrow Memory Method created by Dave is the best selling and most effective memory training system in the world today. Dave brings his unique blend of humor and energy to the learning environment, making it dynamic and fun to learn from him.

Dave also applies his talent as the head of Academic Innovation for Keys Helping Kids, a registered educational charity.

Tune in to learn how Dave rose from obscurity to author the #1 Memory Program in America and the best selling memory instructional program in the world.

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2 – Two-time Guinness World Record Holder; Memory Is Learned, Not Gifted; Booted Out Of Casinos
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