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After 23 years in corporate human resources, Jeff Garton decided he needed to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams in 2001. His thought was that even though he was leaving a great job that his career was ahead of him, not behind him. In his corporate life, he worked for Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing Company, BDM Corporation (Northrop Grumman).

Jeff coined the term “career contentment” following the tragedy of 9/11/2001. His career has been devoted to practical solutions that combat prolonged unemployment and job dissatisfaction. He hosts a talk radio program, Career Contentment Radio.

Jeff is an ATD bestselling career author of five book, including Career Contentment: Don’t Settle for Anything Less!, is a co-author with Dr. Warren Bennis, master certified career coach, and national speaker. He developed the concept and published the first books and training programs that teach people how to create their success mindset for employment and career contentment in the new economy: Achieve Likeability for Employment Success, Jobseeker Success Mindset Training, Veteran Empowerment Training are distributed online and used to prevent job search apathy, discouragement, and workforce dropouts. Jeff has been featured on Fox Business, ABC Sunday Morning, NPR Radio, the Wall Street Journal, Modern Medicine, Chief Executive Magazine, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and

TUNE IN to hear Jeff talk with Steve and Mary about his life, story and why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than contentment in your career.


In This Episode

1 – I Am Unemployable; Develop The Successful Mindset; Whistling As You Look For Work
2 – Millennials Parody And Work Ethic; Employees Are Drifting, Not Driven; Human Resources Become Resources For Corporations
3 – College Is The Worst Investment For Parents; College Is 50% Academics, 50% Socialization; 3 Things You Can Do To Get A Job

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