Brad Hargreaves

Did you know that, for most college grads, traditional residential leases remain out of reach because they’re not making enough money to satisfy the landlord’s income requirements?  
In the words of Chris Rock, can I get a“That ain’t right!” 
In this episode, we are Reinventing Housing with serial entrepreneur, Brad Hargreaves. His latest business, Common, is addressing housing shortages in major cities by creating community-driven living spaces that provide exceptional abodes at affordable rates. 
Tune in to find out why he says the residential real estate market is ripe for disruption and what you can do to take advantage of the forthcoming shift. 

1 – Where Oh Where Has Mary Been?

2 – Skipping Class To Sell Furniture; Pick Your Niche And Excel; No One Can Ever Take Skill Away From You

3 – Turning The Rental Model On Its Head With Potluck Sunday

4 – Building Tribal Groups And Aligning Values

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