Russ Ruffino - Reinventing High Ticket Selling

Russ Ruffino was as an actor and bartender until he turned 31 and realized that it just wasn’t going to work. He had lots of actor friends who were making it, and all of them were miserable. That’s when he realized that the reason he wanted to act in the first place was to create income and freedom doing something he loved. He then stumbled upon the 4-Hour Work Week and began to realize that he could also create wealth and freedom through entrepreneurship. After hearing a friend’s brother bragging about the money he was making doing affiliate marketing, he became determined to figure out affiliate marketing.

Russ quit his bartending job with only about $600 in the bank, ended up making $250,000 in his first year working online. It changed his life.

Four years later, he was making great money, but although thousands of people were buying – and loved – his products, very few of those people actually took action. This prompted his decision to work with fewer clients, charge a premium price, and really start providing transformation, instead of just information.

As Founder and creator of the Clients on Demand system – the most reliable client-attraction system in the world, Russ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe sell millions of dollars worth of their products and services. It is a system for enrolling $3k – $10k clients consistently, without content marketing, affiliates, or JV partners, and that’s what he is still doing now.

Russ has been featured in Inc., on The Huffington Post, and the Medium, as well as on many podcasts, including Entrepreneur on Fire, Marketing on the Move, The Coachzing Show, Get More Referrals Now, to name a few.

TUNE IN to this episode as Russ chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about reinventing high ticket selling and how continuing to make pricing mistakes can kill your business.



In This Episode

1 – Originally he wanted to be an actor; Ended up a bartender for 10 years; He woke up at 30 years old and then discovered the 4-Hour Work Week; He quit his job and never felt more free

2 – Selling low ticket items; No one is taking action; Flipped the model on its head to securing premium price and fewer clients; How much do you have to give of you?

3 – The conversion process; A walk through the sales funnel; Pricing is not just arbitrary; It’s all about the outcome; If you can’t help, don’t make the offer


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