Dr. Isaac H. Jones - Reinventing High Performance
Diagnosed as a child with several diseases and disorders that couldn’t be addressed by traditional medicine, in a faraway land called “Canada”, Isaac Jones was  put in special needs for testing. Confused by what was happening to his brain and body, it seemed there were  no answers. 

Thanks to his mother and her determination to ensure he had the best specialists, he finally met a doctor that customized an approach to his health and found out that he was not alone – that everyone is affected in some way because of interfering factors unique to them.

Finding the root cause of his health issues transformed his life and put him on a journey to becoming a doctor himself! He was awarded an international academic scholarship to the most prestigious health and wellness doctorate program in the United States. As a doctor he has had opportunities to work with executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, high performing individuals around the world and even the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

Tune in to this episode as Dr. Jones talks about his life, work and his passion for helping people prevent disease, perform better, think more clearly and how applying a few simple health hacks can give you more energy and stamina.

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2 – Mom Is In Da House!; Transforming Healthcare Around The Globe
3 – Plant-Based Nutrition; Genetic Codes; Epegenomes
4 – If God Grows It We Should Use It; Neurotransmitters; You Are What You Eat