Joe Flower - Reinvention Radio - Steve Olsher

Healthcare is in for a taste of its own medicine as there is a rising power of the consumer in the healthcare industry and, according to our guest, we are about to embark on a hinge point in healthcare history. Wait… is this a joke?
There’s no question healthcare is changing. The question is… to what?
Joe Flower, internationally recognized Healthcare Futurist, explains how we can get healthcare to the tipping point where the entire system becomes much better and vastly cheaper.
To find out what we need to do to get better healthcare for less… tune in as we’re Reinventing Healthcare.

1 – Confederate Flag, Dukes of Hazard, and a Hyphenated-America

2 – ObamaDon’t Care, Ya or No? I Don’t Want Anyone To Die, BUT

3 – How To Get What We Pay For; Buying the Result

4 – Pay For Service Approach; Higher Deductibles and Higher Premiums (Caller Glory)


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