Michael Bungay Stanier - Reinventing Great Work

Michael Bungay Stanier left Australia 25 years ago to be a  Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. While there, he says his only achievement of note was to fall in love with a Canadian. He currently lives in Toronto and was the first Canadian Coach of the Year.  Self-described as the tallest Australian Rhodes Scholar with big ears, a double-barrelled surname, an Australian-British-American-Canadian accent with a hint of a speech impediment.

Not all of Michael’s endeavors were successful. In high school, Michael was banned from his graduation for “the balloon incident”, he was sued by one of his law school lecturers for defamation, and his first published piece of writing was a Mills & Boone short story called “The Male Delivery.”

Michael has a commitment to “infect a billion people with the possiblity virus.” At Box of Crayons, he and his team of facilitators help time-crunched managers coach in 10 minutes or less. His clients are from all sectors and include the United Nations, Gartner, the University Health Network and USAA, to name a few. Michael also regularly speaks to businesses and organizations and has delivered keynotes at Leadership, HR and Learning & Development, conferences around the world, including ATD, SHRM, IPL, HRPA and the Conference Board of Canada.

Michael’s been featured or written for Business Insider, Fast Company, Forbes, The Globe & Mail and The Huffington Post. With clients like American Express, Bank of America, Citibank and Fidelity Investments, Michael knows his stuff.

TUNE IN to this episode as Michael, Steve, Mary and Richard discuss Reinventing Great Work, and how you can work less hard and yet have more impact.



In This Episode

1 – What Is Box Of Crayons?; His Australian Law Degree Didn’t Help Him From Being Sued; He Helped Invent Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust; The Difference Between Good Work And Great Work
2 – Michael’s Idea Of Coaching; A Classic Sales Blunder; Lead A Conversation With Curiosity – And What Else?…; Explanation Of The 7 Questions
3 – Companies Doing Great Work; What Work Has The Most Impact On A Business?; Getting People To Buy In To Doing Great Work; Accessing Things That Matter To The Business

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