Lisa Marie Jenkins - Reinvention Radio

In this episode we are joined by Lisa Marie Jenkins, feminine leadership expert and author of “WAKE-UP BEAUTY!  It’s Not About the Prince” for Reinventing Gender Equity.  
Lisa teaches women how to muster the courage, confidence, and clarity needed to feminize the world and guides them to transform how they work, lead, and live.  

After a two year quest, Lisa identified the answer to the 64 million dollar question: “Why do women in developed countries still only hold approximately 14% of all leadership roles?” 

Tune in to find out what she discovered!


1 – Best and Worst Cities In America; How Many Days Old Is That Burrito?

2 – Women Have Equality, or Do They? 

3 – Women, Choose… Act Like A Lady or Act Like A Man

4 – Do Men Really Want A Woman To Take Charge? 

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