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In his mid-twenties, Nathan Chan could not find any business magazines that he could relate to. He wanted something that really dug deep into the world of successful entrepreneurs.  He began going out to interview entrepreneurs in the hope that he could learn from them. He did.

While still working full-time, Nathan launched Foundr Magazine in March of 2013 from his bedroom, with a mission dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business.  It started as just a digital magazine originally, on the App Store & Google Play store, specifically targeted to young entrepreneurs and had only a few hundred readers.  It didn’t take long before it became a top 10 ranked “Business & Investing Magazine.”

Today Foundr is a multi-faceted digital media business and Foundr Magazine is ranked up there with heavy hitters like Entrepreneur and Fast Company.  Entrepreneurs worldwide enjoy not only the magazine, but its podcast and training platform as well. Nathan was also runner-up for Publisher of the Year for the 2015 Digital Magazine awards.

The Foundr community boasts over a MILLION people, including over 900,000 Instagram followers.  Nathan’s interviewed names such as Sir Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferris to name just a few.

TUNE IN to this episode as Nathan chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about the infinite possiblities in this day and age, that anyone can start a business with a dream, some hustle and determination.



In This Episode

1 – What Australians Think Of The Trump Win; Nathan’s Journey To Foundr Magazine; He Saw An Opportunity And A Need; Don’t Take No For An Answer
2 – What Was The Ask For The Interview?; Having Something Without Anything; It’s More Than A Magazine Now; Monetizing The Digital Magazine
3 – Additional Revenue Generators; How He Grew The Reader Base; Asking To Find Out What They Want; Big Takeaways From The Interviews


“There’s a lot of assholes out there. Being the nice guy can help you can stand out.” – Nathan Chan

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