Dr. Tony Pennells - Reinventing Financial Freedom

Born in Africa during intense political upheaval, Dr. Tony Pennells emigrated as a child to Australia to escape civil war.  Now a medical doctor, Dr. Tony, as he is called, is also a respected financial adviser and entrepreneur. He lives with his wife and family in Perth, Western Australia.

During his experiences at University, Dr. Tony noticed what a toll it took on peoples’ lives when they did not have financial security. He realized that though many had a good education, that didn’t necessarily lead to a good job, and even if someone has a good job, it doesn’t guarantee financial security.  During these reflections, he also realized that there were serious consequences to working hard while not managing your money, including poor health, bad relationships and mounting debt.  He began to search for a better way. His findings ended up leading to his own financial security, together with a desire to share what he had learned.

In addition to being a medical doctor and financial expert, Dr. Tony is also a best-selling author of the book series, Financially Fit.  He is the founding director of Wealth Today, an award-winning business that offers common sense solutions and straightforward, easy-to-understand explanations of the basic principles around money. He demystifies the complex area of finance to help people get on the road to becoming financially secure.

TUNE IN to this episode to as Dr. Tony discusses how to build your path to financial freedom and income-generating wealth with Steve, Mary and Richard.



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1 – All The Way From West Coast Australia; Anthony, Anthony… Just Call Me Tony; Homeless With A Girlfriend, But Never Slept On The Street; BS Degree And Being A Doctor In Australia
2 – Wife Freedom; He Had A Double By-Pass Nearly Two Years Ago; Pivot To A Point Of Not Tying Time To Money; What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?; Cash Flow Investments That Generate On-Going Income
3 – Don’t Be Cheap/Sheep; 96% Of The Country Can’t Support Themselves In Retirement; 4 Key Principles To Attaining Financial Freedom; The Snowball Approach To Debt Reduction


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