Suzanne Raja - Reinventing Feminine Power

Suzanne Raja moved to Canada when she was a child from Jamaica. During her high school years, she met Satyen, who was first her friend and later her sweetheart. Now, Suzanne and Satyen have been together, “passionately intertwined”, for over 27 years and have two teenage children: a daughter, Satori, and a son, Shaman.

Suzanne is a transformational leader and a co-founder of Harmony Integration Academy. She has spoken on nearly every continent and in more than 15 countries, and is known for how deeply she connects with people and how gently she passes on wisdom.  For over two decades, Suzanne, together with Satyen, has taught tens of thousands of singles and couples the art of creating passionate, juicy intimacy that lasts a lifetime.

A living demonstration of a couple who are continually re-igniting their spark, passion and love, Satyen and Suzanne practically distill what for many can be a confusing, frustrating and even painful topic down to its very workable, irresistible essence.

Suzanne and Satyen have made it their life’s mission to reduce divorce rates by helping couples re-ignite their passion, for real, in a non-teachy, non-guru, non-clinical way. They say the secret to
getting couples back on track is to help them re-experience “Polarity.”  Just as magnets attract with north and south poles, couples need the polarities of Control and Submission to get the attraction back.

TUNE IN to hear Suzanne talk with Steve and Mary about her life, story and how magnifying your feminine essence, creating more loving, romantic and deeply connected intimate relationships.


In This Episode

1 – Sex, Power, or Money?; Awaken Your Feminine Power; Can a Woman Have It All?
2 – Peak Radiance For The Feminine; Be The Brightest You Can Be; Relationships Are #1
3 – Now Is The Time; What The Women Of Today Are Missing; Annette Larkin Is Walking The Talk At 70

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