Nicholas Kusmich - Reinventing Facebook Advertising

Let me set the stage here… you take out an ad on Facebook for your program or product. You throw a few hundred bucks a day at it for a few days, and you just know you have identified the perfect target audience. Total ad spend: $900; total sales generated – $0. Yep, the big goose egg.

Our guest, Nicholas Kusmich, has achieved results like no one else I know. He achieves these results based on a concept called Contextual Congruence that allows his company to get the highest results in the industry. He routinely generates six-figure revenue on ads with the best ROI in the biz! We’re talking like 2,000% ROI. That’s incredible!

Tune in to find out how to use FB (the top direct to marketing advertising platform on the planet right now) to help your business.

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