Debra Ruh - Reinventing DisAbility
“Sara’s life will be limited.”  Some of the scariest words a parent can ever hear. Debra Ruh’s daughter, Sara, was born with Down Syndrome.  When doctors, teachers and others told her Sara would have limitations, Debra disagreed. She knew Sara could and would be capable of amazing things. Sara has proven her correct: she is the official spokesperson for Ruh Global Communications and is an internationally renowned keynote and inspirational speaker.  

Debra’s personal experience of having a child with Down Syndrome, coupled with her own technical expertise, led her on a path to launch TecAccess, a provider of accessibility consulting solutions working with companies to ensure their technology was accessible to everyone, hiring over 80% of employees that are disabled and work from around the country, from home, rehab facilities, or institutions. She hired disabled people intentionally and helped them have a voice. Noting that one in three American households has someone with a disability, Debra emphasizes how crucially important it is to ensure that technology is available to EVERYONE. 

Debra and TecAccess worked with prominent companies such as HP, Canon, Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Bank of America and YouTube, to name just a few, to help ensure they are reaching the ENTIRE audience and to serve as examples of best practices and have been featured on CBS, CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, INC, Bloomberg, Huffington Post and Business Week Magazines, Publishers Weekly, Fortune Magazine, US News & World Report, America’s Best, Washington Technology, Bloomberg Business Week, UN G3ict, USBLN, The Mobility Resource, eSSENTIAL Accessibility, Disaboom, Disability Scoop, Abled Body, SATH, DOL ODEP, Disability Works and “Think Beyond the Label”. Sadly, TecAccess failed during the recession, but Debra was able to salvage what she could by merging with SSB BART.  In 2013, she decided to go back out on her own and formed Ruh Global, LLC.

Listen to this episode as Debra tells us her story and how the experiences started her on her journey to become one of the most sought-after consultants in the world on harnessing the benefits of technology for people with disabilities. 

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