Yoram Baltinester - Reinventing Decisive Action

In 1989, while he was embroiled in the high-tech world, Yoram Baltinester began training entrepreneurs and business professionals. He is an entrepreneur, global explorer and personal growth trainer, whose intense, focused approach earned him the nickname, “The Personal Development Samurai.”

Over several decades, through trial and error, Yoram created a proven protocol entitled “Decisive Action.” Decisive Action helps people understand how to make quality decisions when the matter is at hand is life-changing or affects their business. His belief that all areas of life are intertwined and that in order to have success, personal or business, you must make progress in all areas.

Yoram, together with his wife Shifra, spent a year traveling around the world, accomplishing some major feats including crossing the Gobi Desert, traveling into Tibet and crossing the Himalayas into Nepal. They did this successfully using his Decisive Action protocol and principles.

Yoram has been involved in a half dozen startup companies covering a diverse range of fields. One was successfully sold in 2013 and the others are still successfully operating.

Yoram believes that reinvention requires a person to go through their own resistance to change. They must face innumerable difficult decisions along the way. They might come to experience some of the darkest fears. The roller-coaster ride will be fiercer, steeper and bumpier than they ever experienced in their life time and the journey will only be as successful as their reasons to embark on it are clear. Clarity is the bridge from who you are to your success in life. Decisive Action allows you to make quality decisions through that clarity as it reflects it back to you at the time of making that decision.

TUNE IN to this episode to as Yoram discusses how decisive action is the key to making quality decisions, with Steve, Mary and Richard.


In This Episode

1 – Sexy Accents and Life In Isreal; The History Of Yoram Baltinester; Coaching Was A Hobby; He Was Stuck For 30 Years
2 – Shift From Prominence To Legacy; Is There A God With A Plan For All?; Big Stuck And Small Stuck; Taking Responsibility For Decisions
3 – Gut Feelings vs Facts And Reality; The Dog Doesn’t Get The Opportunity; The Decisive Action Protocol; Creating Your Individual Code To Save You From Yourself

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