Marilyn Suttle - Reinventing Customer Satisfaction

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Marilyn Suttle’s client list includes Fortune 500 companies, including Ford Motor Company, Pfizer Corporation, and Visteon as well as the American Cancer Society, Association of Realtors, the University of Michigan, to name a few. She still lives in Michigan.

Since 2004, Marilyn worked on the assisting staff for Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success training programs and is Immediate Past President of the National Speakers Association, Michigan Chapter. She’s been a regular guest expert on The Finanial Survival Series on the Detroit ABC affililiate, WXYZ-TV news. She hosts the Woman-to-Woman podcast series on iTunes, sponsored by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and personal growth gurus like Jack Canfield, founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, have invited her to speak on their stages. She is also listed as a recommended Human Potential Trainer by Jack Canfield.

Marilyn co-authored, with Lori Jo Vest, the book, Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even Your Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan. They also created the online course Customer Service Roadmap which allows their training to be more efficiently conducted by companies throughout the world. She has also published over 100 articles in her newspaper column for The Observer & Eccentric , as well as over 70 customer service articles and has been quoted in many publications, including the Miami Herald and Personal Excellence magazine.

President and founder of Suttle Enterprises LLC, a Personal & Professional Growth Training Firm for over 17 years, Marilyn has also produced audios, including “From Stress to Success: Seven Secrets to a More Balanced Life” and “41 Way To Raise Successful Kids with the Suttle Method”. She specializes in creating “Suttle Shifts” in the way people think and act, so they can produce massive results.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Marilyn talk with Steve, Mary and Richard about how to attract and retain customers, and how to let go of the pressure and power plays for your success.



In This Episode

1 – Does Yahoo Have A Customer Service Issue? Prep For Crisis Ahead Of Time; Elon Musk – #thecarnazi; The Costs Of Keeping A Customer
2 – Who And What Is Gladys? Turning Haters Into Champions; Pay Attention And Grow; What To Do When You’re Falsely Accused Online; People Don’t Trust All 5-Star Reviews
3 – When And How To Tell A Customer “No”; Corporate Crisis Kudos; The Little Things That Show You Care; It Takes A Shift Inside

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