Shari Alexander

Have you ever wanted to have the conversational insights of a skilled profiler or the negotiation skills of a hostage negotiator?

Our next guest, Shari Alexander, personally learned influential techniques and perspectives from CIA agents, hostage negotiators, con-artists, pick-up artists and more. 

She’s on a mission to put these powerful skills in the hands of entrepreneurs and leaders so they can effectively be a positive influence in their businesses and lives.

Shari says that people who are creating a positive influence in the world ought to have the same (better yet, more) knowledge of influence as the people who use the techniques for malicious purposes. Leaders can motivate better. Thought leaders can inspire more. Entrepreneurs can grow faster.

Tune in and learn how you can tap into your inner James Bond. Unlike 007, this mission is NOT impossible! 

1 – Steve’s First Thanksgiving Dinner; Rousey & Mayweather

2 – What Is Conversational Influence? When I Am In The Room, I Am THE Woman

3 – Traits of Influencers

4 – How Do You Know You’re Being Manipulated?


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