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Born in the Ukraine, smiling in public was frowned upon. So Bill learned to not smile in public. Then something changed. Bill changed the way he thought about things.  He realized that when he wanted want things to change, that if he changed his standards, he changed his results.

Bill is founder of Bill Baren Coaching and is a certified as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation. He is a transformational business coach and is well known around the globe. Over 50,000 people from 22 countries have participated in his online and live trainings.  Bill helps conscious business owners enroll more clients and make more money. He created the Big Shift Experience, Get Clients In Your Backyard, Time Mastery Program, the Teleseminar Enrollment System and Master of Enrollment.

Bill loves movies, hosting dinner parties with his wife and he’s participated in the World Series of Poker for several years. He’s also been an American Idol fan for many years!

TUNE IN to this episode as Bill chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about how to choose the right business model that matches your personality and personal desires.



In This Episode

1 – Life Is Shit – Just Be Honest!; Be Unstoppable In Every Aspect Of Life; We Are The New Elders In The Village; Bill’s Journey From Music To Coaching
2 – Bill Has Ruthless Compassion; What’s Your Take On Charging What You’re Worth?; Our Worth Is Constant And Priceless; Package Your Services As Value Based
3 – How Bill Stays Grounded Through The Success; My Wife Keeps Me Humble; Ways To Reach Your Potential; Conscious Business Defined

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