As the son of alcoholic parents, Dallas Cyr has seen his fair share of challenges. He grew up poor and was molested by his older best friend at the tender age of 8. With no college degree, he defied all odds by rising to the top of the financial industry only to face bankruptcy just a few short years later. 

Dallas now believes, and lives his life based on, the premise that “Challenges Are Our Biggest Gifts”. He’s spreading this gospel as a speaker, coach, and spoken word artist.

Spoken word artist… what the heck is that? Tune in to find out more!

1 – National Cheesecake Day and the south side of the city

2 – Molested at age 8; Spongebob was right about opposite day 

3 – Emotionally checked out; nothing in your life is a mistake

4 – Quit quoting Tony Robbins and quote yourself – Passion Warrior is born

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