Ash Maurya - Reinventing Business Models

Ash Maurya, of Austin, Texas, has been on a mission to find a faster, better way to build successful products. An entrepreneur for over 10 years, he was inspired greatly by Customer Development and Lean Startup, pioneered by Steve Blank and Eric Ries.

Ash is a leading business blogger, and regularly posts as he learns and develops new ideas. His blog posts and advice have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and Fortune. A regular host of sold-out workshops around the world, he also is a mentor to accelerators which include TechStars, MaRS, Capital Factory, and is a guest lecturer at universities including MIT, Harvard, and UT Austin.  Greatly inspired by the works on Customer Development and Lean Startup pioneered by Steve Blank and Eric Ries, he became very well-known in the lean startup community over the last few years. He continually applies and tests the lean startup principles with his projects.

Creator of the Lean Canvas, and founder of Sparks 59 in Austin, he is also a passionate international speaker. He previous bootstrapped WiredReach in 2002, which he sold in 2010. Ash is known for offering some of the best and most practical advice for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all over the world.

He has authored books Running Lean and Scaling Lean: Master the Key Metrics for Startup Growth, as well as a series of products aimed at helping entrepreneurs raise their odds of success. Ash is working on another book, titled The Customer Factory, that addresses how startups can build effective experiments that lead to breakthrough insights. The book will explain how to build an effective way to go further than the vision with an efficient experiment-based development strategy.

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In This Episode

1 – Born In India, Raised In South Africa; The 3 Stages Of Entrepreneurship; Business Of Coaching Is Coaching Coaches
2 – Cycle Time Of Ideas; Build A Process Of Vetting Bad Ideas Quickly; True Entrepreneurs Are Born; Entrepreneurial Thinking Can Be Taught; Keep Your Best Idea To Yourself
3 – Sharing Your Second Best Idea; What People Love More Than A Discount; AppSumo Started Over A Weekend; Steps To Entrepreneurial Thinking

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