Matt Turner - Turndog Millionaire - Reinventing Business Mistakes

Matthew Turner is an English writer born in Halifax, United Kingdom. He was a 16 year old at rugby training, when out of the blue, Luke Garnet, a tall ginger haired man-child that Matt had known for years, screeched out, “Turndog, pass!”  Over time, more and more people referred to him as Turndog, and eventually became a very large piece of his life. He has essentially created an alter-ego with it.  He loves a good story and a rich black coffee (at the same time).

When Matt decided to leave his job and start his own business, because his name was so common, he wanted to create a “Brand”, and what better way than to use Turndog, but how to use it? One day in the shower it came to him – Slumdog Millionaire — Turndog Millionaire! This as his head was under water and his mouth filled with soap. It was a new beginning.

Matthew latest book, ‘The Successful Mistake: How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success‘, discusses the hidden value that mistakes, failure and adversity have in business success. He’s written several other books, including, The Letters of Aus & B: Prequel to I Unlove You, I Unlove You, One Day in September, and The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit: Blogging The Smart Way With Viral Worthy Interview Questions, to name a few.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Matt discuss with Steve and Mary the hidden value that mistakes, failure and adversity have in business success.


In This Episode

1 – How Do You Define Success And Failure? It’s Your Personal Belief; Interviews With 163 Entrepreneurs; A Book 4 Years In The Making
2 – Most Common Business Mistakes; Your Business Goes Under And You Go On Vacation? Top 3 Tips For Getting Started
3 – The Writing Challenge; I Learned More Along The Journey; Complacency Can Be A Killer

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