Kelly O'NeilOne of the biggest challenges for EVERY business is figuring out how to stand apart from the crowd. And, to create a sustainable, highly profitable entity, there are key questions you must be able to answer:
1) How do you make yourself appear different in an industry where others offer the exact same products and services?
2) How do you get people to follow, like or trust you if you lack clarity as to what makes your offerings unique? 
3) How do you attract the right clients (you know, the ones who actually have money) to line up and pay you what you’re truly worth?
In this episode of Reinventing Brand Marketing, we have world-renowned brand marketing strategist, Kelly O’Neil and she has all of these answers and MANY more
Kelly will share how to build a visionary brand and profitable platform to attract affluent clients, make a difference in the world, and live a luxurious life… in whatever form that looks like for you.


1 – No Neck Nicky Chimes In On The Political Discussion

2 – Branding the Presidential Race; Trump Is Like Cilantro and Oprah Is Doing It Right

3 – Conscious Business; Branding Is An Internal Thing; Be More Of Who You Are

4 – Talk About Tats; Hang With The Affluent While Doing What You Like To Do


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