Jim Sheils - Reinventing Board Meetings


At 6pm every night, Jim Sheils shuts off his business life, turns off his phone and becomes full-time Dad to his children. He believes in strong families and quality time with them, and entrepreneurship.

Jim partnered with his lifetime friend, Brian Scrone, to develop a highly successful real estate investment company. They have built a portfolio that exceeds 500 properties. In addition to real estate investment, they also speak around the world and co-wrote a bestselling book, Fire Sale.

While building their real estate business, Jim and Brian organized surf trips with other friends and business partners, where they had discussions about parenting and business ideas as well as supporting and advising each other. Jim’s passions lie in entrepreneurship, and incorporating that into strong families and quality time. What they realized on these trips was that there was innovation happening at these retreats that was well beyond what happens in traditional board rooms.

Based upon these trips, the ideas that were coming out of them, together with his strong believe in entrepreneurship and building strong families, Jim and Brian co-found Board Meetings International. In developing the Board Meetings International Toolkit, Board Meetings International educates and serves thousands of entrepreneur families through live retreats and with other tools.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Jim chat with Steve and Mary about entrepreneurship, family board meetings and the importance of one-on-one and quality time.


In This Episode

1 – Entrepreneur Retreats With Kids; Why Focus On The Family?; Don’t Get Too Close Behind The Stage; The Importance Of One-On-One Time
2 – Teaching Kids What They Don’t Learn In School; Learning Through Surfing; How Do We Help The Spouses? Retreats Are The Start Of Improvement
3 – Breakthroughs And Successes Resulting From Retreats; Kids Aren’t Allowed To Dream Anymore; There Is No Substitute For Quality Time

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