Justin Livingston - Reinventing Automated Revenue

Known  as a “marketing maverick and renegade sales guru” and the “Playful Genius”,  Justin Livingston is one of the most successful marketers in the world.  Justin specializes in helping workshop, retreat and seminar leaders attract more participants to their events.

As one of the world’s most well respected Internet marketers and high-performance entrepreneurial coaches, Justin’s current automated webinar funnel generates $2 million annually without his involvement whatsoever. He’s worked with some of the largest personal development companies in the world, helping them help more people and make more money.

Known in the upper echelons of the personal development industry as “The Magnetic Marketer”, Justin is one of a handful of people in the world with highly specialized knowledge in the creation and implementation of leading edge sales and marketing systems specifically designed for workshop, retreat and seminar leaders.

TUNE IN to hear Justin talk with Steve and Mary about his story and his phenomenal success from his natural marketing genius.


1 – Who Is Justin Livingston; MMA To T. Harv Eker; Partnering With Callan Rush; Creating Passive Revenue
2 – Automatic Revenue; Webinars Are The Hub; Dissecting The Campaign; Micro-Commitments
3 – The EXACT $2MM Webinar Sequence; It Starts With An Ad; Increasing Webinar Show-Up Rates; What To Say To Get ‘Em To Buy