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Move It Forward Monday, with Richard Otey


In this episode, Richard covers connecting everything holistically in our journey to move it forward. For example, internet marketing has so many components and pulling it all together requires looking at the whole while being conscious of both the micro and macro level activities.
He shares about Navy SEALs being trained to put the team above the individual and the illusion of attempting to do everything by one’s self.

Steve presents his view on there being two sides of the equation – familial and business. On the familial level, he believes they can do a better job of gaining clarity on overall family goals rather than each person focusing on their individual needs.

In business, Steve opines that successful businesses are a by-product not of individual contributions but, instead, because an overriding vision is clear for all involved and each individual serves in their respective capacity for bringing it to fruition.

Wade says to chart out what you’re doing. Look at it through microscopes and telescopes, as Richard has consistently preached.



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