In this episode of Soul-full Sunday

Soul-full Sunday on Reinvention Radio with Mary Goulet

Is there life after death? Does anyone really know? In this episode of Soul-full Sunday Steve, Richard and Wade have an interesting discussion around what life after death looks like to them.

Wade comes from a Protestant/Christian upbringing where there is a heaven with harps and a hell with hot tub and lots of hot lava with a guy holding a pitchfork. Now, he says there is no way of knowing. He leans toward the science side where we are energy that will return to the universe.

Rich on the other had… his parents went to Yosemite to have him on a blanket. HE was a mix of Catholic and hippy energy. So he leans more toward Wade with regard to we are energy. Heaven and hell is what we make of it right now – we are energy.

And Steve… he believes it all just goes black.



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