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What Is Your What Wednesday with Steve Olsher

I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
 – Edward Everett Hale

This quote can be found in the Introduction of Steve’s book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do. When you endure life’s hardships how do we not lose touch with our inner greatness? How do we avoid making distasteful compromises or settle for less and fail to bring to fruition the magic that lies within?

Mary feels we need to push through whatever we’re dealing with and try not to let something critical happen in your life to open your eyes.

Steve then poses the question and sparks discussion around, “Can one person really change the world?” When you think about the starfish story* is it really possible for one person to make any sort of meaningful difference? Certainly Ghandi, Bill Gates, and other notables have done their share to influence change.

Mary feels the effort she makes toward helping homeless teens and home bound people may be very little, but it does make a difference to those whom she serves.

While impacting the masses can take years, decades and, for most, a lifetime to happen — remember that the right words in the right ears at the right time can provide precisely what that ONE person needs in order to breakthrough their current obstacles.

Steve firmly believes, and aligns his message accordingly, that there are people in the world waiting for you to show up in their life. By not choosing to do so, you’re not only doing a huge disservice to yourself but, also, to those who need you most.

Wade challenges everyone to make more one-on-one connections in the new year.

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*The Starfish Story



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