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4. FINALLY! The End Of Ryan Seacrest
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Steve: Alright. Welcome to another edition here of Reinvention Radio. I’m your host Steve Olsher, along with the lovely rounded eyebrowed – did I get it round eyebrow – I don’t remember at this point.

Mary: Round brown... I don’t know.

Steve: Mary Goulet. And Rich Otey’s in the house as well. Very cool. First and foremost, have you guys ever been to the Olympics?

Mary: No.

Rich: I did not stay for long, but the LA.

Steve: Oh, right. There was the Olympics in LA. It was like ’84 or something like that.

Rich: Right. I was in high school so I had to get back, but I just tried to experience some of it.

Steve: Right. Because if you’re going to an Olympics I would think that the Olympics that you might want to go to would be the Olympics in Rio.

Mary: I knew you... Oh, my gosh, and it’s not for the event.

Steve: Well, what’s the event?


Steve: Oh, right. So, yeah.

Mary: It’s the bathing suits or lack of thereof.

Steve: Or lack thereof.

Rich: Just go to Carnival.

Mary: Oh, well...

Steve: That’s what I was going to say – bucket list, right? Carnival and Rio’s got to be on the bucket list, at least if you’re a gentleman, it has to be on the bucket list. I would think have you been to any kind of Carnival/Festivals, Mary?

Mary: No. I’m afraid.

Steve: No? Rich, have you?

Rich: Yeah...

Mary: Of course.

Rich: There’s a huge Brazilian influx here in San Diego too, so you get a bunch of Carnival right here.

Steve: Really? When does that happen? Obviously, on Fat Tuesday, but really?

Rich: Yeah, there’s a bunch of events.

Steve: Interesting. So, this year’s Olympics in the Summer anyway is in Rio. They’re having a little bit of problems in Rio. First of all I was kind of pissed off because I don’t know if you remember this or not but this is when the Olympic Committee was deciding who’s going to get the 2016 Summer games. Guess who was in the finals?

Rich: Chicago.

Steve: Chicago was in the finals.

Mary: That’s right.

Steve: Like, they would have busted tail to make it just unbelievable. And – don’t get me wrong. Rio’s doing their job or whatever and it’s going to be whatever it’s going to be by August.

Rich: No they’re not. It’s so corrupt down there.

Steve: They are having some serious serious...

Mary: You mean Chicago, Rich?

Steve: Well, yes, and there too.

Rich: And corruption?

Mary: No, not at all.

Steve: So, not as... Look. I want to go to the Olympics, don’t get me wrong, whether it’s in Rio or elsewhere, at some point I want to go. As a matter of fact a friend of mine, Lisa, she takes her kids to the Olympics every two years, so she takes them to the Winter games and she takes them to the Summer games.

Mary: Wow!

Steve: That’s pretty cool. I think that’s pretty cool. When you talk about like experiences...

Mary: Is she one of those 1% millionaire people?

Steve: Yeah, I think she’s probably one of those one percenters. We can’t hate them. We love them because they give us something to aspire to, right?

Mary: We need to learn from them.

Steve: We need to learn from them. So... Let me ask you this, Mary, because you’ve got the two and Rich you’ve got the littleun, what do you think in terms of like experiences? Are there other things that you would do – like, is there anything in your... Like, I’m so bad at this. I was raised with like – we didn’t do any of that sh*t at all, like none – none of it. Like, nothing. We don’t have anything, like other than the Jewish holidays...

Rich: You mean like traveling the world or something like that?

Steve: Anything that you – would you do that? Like, would you take your kids to the Olympics or take them on a road trip every summer, or take them... I mean like think about it from sort of a traditions standpoint, anything that you plan on doing, Rich?

Rich: That’s all I plan on doing.

Mary: Tradition.

Rich: I mean, it’s... I’m so goofy with my daughter, like she wakes up every morning, like – let’s go snail hunting. Everything’s an experience at our house.

Steve: If it rains you can go snail hunting, otherwise you’re kind of toast here in San Diego because everything – they don’t come out, but when it rains they come out like crazy. As a matter of fact, my dogs, they freak out because the snails are like – literally, they come out in bunches where we are.

Mary: Because they’re as big as your dogs.

Steve: Well, that’s true. [Laugh]

Mary: Your dogs are so – very cute and very tiny.

Steve: They are teeny. We’re not talking about every day. We’re talking like big things, like memories. Because they’re not going to remember... I mean, they’re going to remember being loved and that sort of thing but they’re not going to remember those little every day kinds of things. But, big. Like going to the Olympics or Whitewater Rafting or I don’t know – a lot of people like to ski...

Mary: I mean I travel...

Steve: Do you ski?

Mary: I used to ski all the time.

Steve: Did you ever take your kids? Like to Big Bear or anything.

Mary: I didn’t have them then.

Steve: Oh, well, how about now. Do you ever take them now?

Mary: They go to Big Bear with their Dad all the time so they get to experience the snow. But, for me, no. I take them to the beach.

Steve: What are you thinking?

Rich: Mostly beach, travel, we take them to Mexico. She asks when we can go back to Mexico – any time, take her on boats. I mean, mostly – she sees a musician some form of performer since birth.

Steve: Really.

Rich: So we like taking her to shows too. It’s lucky, like we can take her to Wuv, like these shows where she can be backstage and look out at an audience of 50, 60, 70 thousand people...

Steve: Super cool.

Mary: That’s cool.

Rich: It’s cool for her to feel it, just to get used to it, so we’ll see.

Mary: It’s cool for her to be here, right?

Steve: I know.

Rich: She said when do I get to go to the radio station?

Mary: Yeah, she should.

Steve: She can come anytime, Wuv from P.O.D. anytime, not that we’re name dropping or anything Rich, but...

Rich: Just in general. You know what I mean.

Steve: So, here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking like if this was the first time where okay, I’m going to have this nice experience with my kids, I’m going to take them to the Olympics, Rio was all kinds of messed up – like all kinds of messed up. Like, first and foremost I don’t know if you know this or not, but they’re impeaching their President.

Mary: Yes. She was on The Wall Street Journal with her arms out.

Steve: Is it a woman?

Mary: Isn’t it?

Steve: I have no idea. Let’s see...

Rich: It’s a bunch of people in trouble.

Mary: Yeah, there is.

Steve: Yeah, Dilmuth, that’s got to be a woman, Dilma Rousseff or whatever. But, basically...

Mary: Yeah, she’s the one.

Steve: ...they are impeaching her for breaking spending accounting rules. What do you think that means? So, what do you think the translation of breaking...

Mary: Embezzling?

Steve: Probably, or like having Government funds build your house or like maybe a car or... I mean, that’s pretty vague, but I think embezzling has got to be sort of the end of the day what they’re really talking about there.

Mary: That’s funny.

Steve: And her replacement actually is really no better because this replacement is evidently being pursued for the same violations.


Mary: It sounds like our campaign over here.

Steve: Right? You thought Chicago politics were bad. Alright, not that that’s not bad enough, then there’s this little thing called the Zika Virus.

Mary: Oh, I know.

Steve: Right? You guys obviously have heard of this, but it’s in 58 countries right now. There are people that are actually calling for a boycott of the Olympic games because they’re afraid that it’s going to become a... What’s the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic, do you know?

Mary: Hmm.

Rich: Um.

Mary: Obviously we don’t.

Rich: Probably something between what we think may happen and what actually happened.


Mary: Or what spreads a little bit and what destroys everything.

Steve: I think so.

Rich: The difference between a recession and a depression.

Steve: Well, and then there’s that. So, pandemic I’m thinking is probably where it’s just kind of isolated and an epidemic is where it’s like everywhere. So, some people are actually saying don’t go to the Olympics because if you have all these athletes from all over the world coming there and they get bit, right...

Mary: Yeah.

Steve: ...then they’re going to bring that back to their countries. So countries that don’t even have the Zika Virus right now...

Mary: I just looked it up.

Steve: What is the difference?

Mary: Epidemic occurs when a disease affects a greater number of people than usual. The pandemic is an epidemic of worldwide proportions.

Steve: Oh, so the pandemic is worse.

Mary: Way worse!

Steve: Oh, I got it backwards.

Mary: And that’s what... Yeah. Pandemic is they go – everybody from around the world goes to Rio, they get by the mosquito and then they go back to their own countries and spread it.

Steve: So, here’s Rio’s justification and just basically saying it’s fine, you can come. They’re saying that it will be fine basically because it will occur during their Winter months. So, during their Winter months there’ll be a lot...

Rich: There’s not as many mosquitoes.

Steve: There’s not as many mosquitoes. Now, mind you Summer in Rio is 100 degrees Fahrenheit basically every day. Winter in Rio is...

Mary: Is what, 80?

Steve: ...88 degrees. Or whatever...

Rich: Just drink a bunch of Rum.

Steve: Oh, my God! So, they’re saying just come, it’s not a big deal and you’ll be fine because it’s our Winter. So, no worries there at all. And then to make matters pretty much as bad as they could possibly be, they’ve had a lot of notice, right? How many years ago did they get awarded the games? Do you remember?

Mary: Don’t they do it six/eight years in advance or something?

Rich: Well don’t forget. It’s not like they didn’t know because they did World Cup right before this. So, they had all this – this has just been a show game of like corruption central.

Steve: So, like 6-8 or 10 years, whatever it was.

Rich: Yeah, like 8 because they had to do World Cup Twos. I mean, they’ve been...

Mary: Why do they keep getting awarded this stuff?

Steve: I mean there’s that question but... Okay, so you had 8 years of like here’s your heads up, the Olympics are coming. You know it’s like get your sh*t together and get your stuff ready. Their venues are not even ready. Some of them aren’t even close. Like, there are venues...

Rich: And the roads to get there aren’t ready there too.

Steve: The roads to get there are like not even paved, like...

Mary: So, the Olympic Committee – didn’t they think this through?

Steve: That would be the question, right? Because when you come right down to it you not only want to go to a place that you think is appealing from a tourist standpoint... Because, look, going to Rio is cool. People love Rio. I mean, it’s a good time, it’s fun, as long as you don’t get stabbed or shot or killed on Copacabana Beach or whatever it might be...

Mary: Holy buckets, Debbie Downer!

Steve: Well, it happens. The funny thing is you have a lot of MMA fighters in Brazil. A lot of folks - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu obviously started there. So, a lot of really highly trained fighters there, even these guys are getting stabbed. There was a guy, a professional UFC fighter, he got stabbed. And, so, it’s like you would think if anybody can defend themselves, but evidently like the bad kids of Rio are also highly skilled MMA fighters because if they can take this guy down with a stab and it’s scary with a regular layperson who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing that’s pretty scary. But I guess the crime there had gotten so bad that they literally had to move these kids – because I guess it’s a lot of kids who attack the trains and attack the tourists and this that and the other – they literally had to like round these kids up and move them to other parts of the country.

Rich: Oh, yeah, my friend from Brazil said they will literally – they work in groups, like little gangs, and one kid will go, look in your car, see if you’ve got watches and stuff, you’ve got, they’ll stick gum on the side of the car so the kid when it comes down farther knows oh he looked at that car...

Steve: Really?

Rich: ...there’s stuff in that car. They’re a little network. It’s crazy.

Mary: Oh, my gosh! So, 7 hours ago in the news – Olympics could spark full blown global health disaster.

Steve: [Laugh] So...

Mary: Wow!

Rich: Top of Google.

Steve: Well, there you go. It’s scary because at the end of the day, the Olympics are supposed to be fun, they’re supposed to be something that everybody looks forward to, and the only thing that’s going to happen now is people are going to go there and they’re going to evidently not be able to watch anything and they’re going to get the Zika Virus...

Mary: And they’re going to get the Zika Virus.

Steve: [Laugh]...and they’re going to get mugged and raped and stabbed.

Mary: And isn’t Ryan Seacrest...

Steve: What’s Ryan doing?

Mary: I think he’s MCing some of the coverage over there.

Steve: Oh, that would be so great.

Mary: Then he might not come back.

Steve: Then he might not come back. Oh, my God! That’s awesome!

Mary: [Laugh]

Steve: So, that’s perfect. That’s what we should do. We should round up the people that we don’t want to come back and have them host the Olympic games in some form or fashion.

Mary: There you go.

Steve: That is awesome. Alright, great. 2016 is the end of Ryan Seacrest. You heard it here first here on Reinvention Radio. Man. Great stuff, guys. We’ll talk to you really soon.


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