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Steve: Alright. Welcome to another edition here of Reinvention Radio. We’re ranting today, Mary Goulet. We’re ranting. Ranting is always good.

Mary: So, walk in in a bad mood?

Steve: No, not that kind of rant, although I should... Actually, that’s a better idea. From now on for the rant I’m going to actually come in in a bad mood. I’m going to start like really picking things apart. How about that? What do you think about that for a plan?

Mary: Like Felix just did to me?

Steve: Like Felix just did to you. Yo, Mary, what the...

Mary: I want to talk to you. I’m like, geez, dude.

Steve: ...we need to have a conversation. You...

Mary: [Laugh] And I saw that you and Rich did not protect me or back me. You guys were like I hear nothing.

Steve: You know what? At that point I was kind of like look, No Neck Nicky is going to say there’s something going on that we need to be talking about. I’m thinking like I’m going to...

Mary: I know.

Steve: ...I was going to get the bat.

Mary: Oh, yeah, right – to protect yourself...


Mary: ...not me.

Steve: Look. It’s called loyalty. My loyalty is to Mary Goulet, so if No Neck Nicky’s got an issue, the bat I was going to grab that. So, lots of interesting things going on in the world, not the least of which evidently is – well, how about this? [Laughing] Do you guys – I tell you. I have never felt so old in my entire life than I feel right about now. Do you guys – do you see this whole damn Daniel thing? Do you know what that is?

Rich: [Laugh]

Steve: Do you know what that is? My kids have been walking around saying this whole Damn Daniel thing and I...

Mary: Yeah. It was a video.

Steve: I’m absolutely – I have never felt so old in my entire life. For a week and a half the kids have been walking around going – Damn Daniel, Daaaaaamn Daniel, Damn Daniel...

Mary: [Laughing]

Steve: ...and I was like – what in the hell are they talking about? So, six months after it happened, I finally got wind of what it is because that’s about how it works.

Mary: Yeah, I was going to say that was a while ago.

Steve: Yeah. I’m like six months late I think for most things here. So, evidently, there was this guy – Joshua Holz I think is his name – he was just basically doing videos of I think they’re in high school?

Mary: Yeah.

Steve: So, it’s a high school thing and this one kid evidently had this really big shoe collection and so he would come to school all the time with a different pair of shoes on, and he’d be like Damn Daniel like talking about his shoes and that’s all the videos were. Like, it was a SnapChat thing.

Mary: They were on Ellen.

Steve: They were on Ellen, too?

Mary: Yes.

Steve: Oh, my God! I am so... You would think like...

Mary: You are old.

Steve: ...doing this radio stuff... No, I’m not old but you’d think I would pay more attention. But, it’s like ridiculous... I mean, Rich, so you knew about this.

Rich: Oh, yeah. He’s a shoe head.

Steve: And it’s just the stupidest thing. Daaaaaaaaamn Daniel. And so like a half a million people have liked this on Twitter. It’s like millions of views on SnapChat and whatnot. I swear to God, I have never felt so old in my entire life. And the kids have been walking around... I even asked them and they wouldn’t tell me. That’s the worst part about the whole thing.

Rich: [Laughing]

Mary: Awe, that’s hilarious!

Steve: They’re like, no, you’re too old to know. And so like they wouldn’t even clue me in. That’s just wrong.

Rich: Did you Google it?

Mary: I was going to say, did you just Google it?

Steve: I finally looked it up and I was like Daaaaamn Daniel. I was like, okay, that’s kind of funny.

Rich: So, now you’re walking around the house saying it now?

Steve: Now, I’m saying it – Damn Isaiah. So, it’s like – Damn Xavier. So, evidently this guy ended up with a shoe deal which is pretty cool, because part of the things is like he’s super famous for is these white Van shoes and like that’s the thing. So, Vans actually hooked him up with a shoe deal. So, it’s funny because I’ve been talking about this for a long time, and, Rich, I know you’ve been talking about this as well, but old media is just dying. I mean, it’s just dying on the vine. Think about how many shows right now. Think about all the cable shows. How many cable shows are getting a half million views?

Rich: Um.

Steve: I mean, forget about whatever they do online. I’m just talking about like in terms of eyeballs on the show.

Rich: Not many.

Steve: Not many, right? Maybe like...

Rich: Not with how many there are percentage-wise.

Steve: Right?

Rich: For sure.

Steve: Well, that’s what I’ve always said about radio. I believe that like 99% of all radio goes unheard, I mean when you come right down to it, because there are so many channels, there are so many shows, I think the large majority of radio goes unheard. So, probably the same thing on cable. Right? I mean, probably the same thing. So many channels. I bet you 99% of the stuff that airs and people are so full of sh*t because they go we’re being broadcast in 68 million households. Yes, but two of them are actually watching...

Mary: Exactly.

Steve: ...that doesn’t count. You can’t sell ads based on the fact that...

Mary: The reach.

Steve: ...the reach.

Mary: Not the actual viewership. Okay, so did you guys... On the news this morning, there was kid in high school, he was at a talent show, he had no talent...

Steve: Is this the bottle of water thing?

Mary: Bottle of water!

Steve: I saw that!

Mary: Yes. See, you’re not that old.

Steve: No, because I saw the Damn Daniel thing as a link from that...


Steve: ...that’s how I was like – oh, I’m going to click that...

Mary: Oh, you stumbled across it.

Steve: I totally stumbled across it. Was that whole thing staged? Alright, for those who don’t know, pretty interesting, there’s a talent show, high school, whatnot, dude is just playing some crazy rap music or whatever, some funky electronic music, whatnot, he’s just kind of walking around, walking around the stage, he’s got this bottle of water in his hand, takes the bottle of water, flips it upside down, it lands and just stands straight up on the table.

Mary: Right.

Steve: Crowd goes NUTS.

Mary: Crazy bonkers.

Steve: Like, screaming, crazy... And that was Portia’s friend, right?

Mary: Yeah, right. So, with that said. Now, he’s on TV shows. He goes, “I hope I can get on Ellen because I love her.” He said that on the...

Steve: That’s all it takes.

Mary: Right?

Steve: I hope we can get on Ellen because we love her. [Laugh]

Rich: We really do.

Mary: Here’s what my suggestion is to all these people that do something that just spikes them up like the Chewbacca lady...

Steve: What the hell is that? All I keep hearing about...

Mary: She’s the one...

Rich: You haven’t seen it yet?

Steve: No.

Rich: Oh, it’s hilarious.

Mary: Oh, my God! We...

Steve: I’m so out of it. There’s like a Chewbacca mask or something.

Rich: Yeah, yeah. Joel Comm has even done an article in INC about it.

Steve: About the Chewbacca man.

Mary: Yes.

Rich: Yeah, and Cole showed up at our house with a bunch of stuff too.

Steve: Jesus, what is the story on...

Mary: She’s got a Kohl’s deal.

Steve: What is the story? Wait!

Mary: She found the mask... You tell the first part.

Rich: She’s sitting in the car and she’s like – oh, I’m so excited and one of those whole – my kids are going to try to confiscate it, they’re going to take it in their room, she hasn’t said anything yet, right? It’s out of the screen. And then she’s going to this unboxing. She’s like, oh my gosh! And then she takes it out and puts it on, but when you open the mask it does the rrrrrr, whatever that – I’m blanking on how you do that. But her laugh is so awesome and so infectious...

Steve: Oh, the crazy laugh, alright.

Rich: Every time she starts laughing you hear like a little delay like behind the Chewbacca sound. She’s like, that’s not me, that’s the mask, look! It was just...

Mary: It’s hilarious.

Steve: You’ll have to bring it up so you can show me, Rich.

Mary: This is what they need to do.

Steve: Please.

Mary: Make sure you have something to monetize your sudden appearance on media especially TV.

Steve: Now, there’s a Richism right there because that’s what you’ve been talking about for a long time.

Mary: Okay, so, the Vans’ kid, Daniel – he got a huge deal.

Steve: Daaaaamn Daniel.

Mary: Exactly. Chewbacca lady might be able to white label those masks.

Steve: Wait! All she did was – is this something she made or she just went to the...

Rich: It was unboxing. She couldn’t even leave the parking lot, she was so excited to get that mask.

Steve: She just went to the store and bought a Halloween mask. It’s a Halloween mask?

Rich: Yes.

Steve: That’s all it is.

Rich: Yep.

Steve: In May.

Rich: Yep.

Steve: In May, she’s buying Halloween mask.

Rich: Yes.

Steve: Okay, so she’s clearly Jewish.

Rich: Chewbacca was trending...

Steve: She’s of My Tribe, clearly of My Tribe, clearly. Because the only people who buy a Halloween mask in May... [Laugh]

Mary: She’s the smart part of your tribe.

Steve: It’s like the Christmas ornaments. The only time you can buy Christmas sh*t is like after New Year’s.

Mary: That’s what I did.

Rich: I don’t know if Star Wars is ever discounted though, that’s the only thing.

Steve: I don’t know, man. Who buys a Halloween mask in May? So, evidently she’s just going around. She’s....brrr, and people are just cracking up.

Mary: And she put it on her Facebook or something and so everybody else...

Rich: It was Facebook LIVE.

Mary: It was Facebook LIVE?

Rich: Yeah.

Mary: So, everybody else started sharing it and it just blew up.

Steve: Oh, God. So, Ellen is having her on the show.

Mary: I don’t know. I haven’t heard that yet, but she probably will.

Steve: I was going to say, Ellen is sort of like the wasteland for new media stars, basically.

Mary: Yes.

Steve: So, this whole water bottle thing. Evidently, there’s a trick to it. Like, there’s a way you can do it. Did you read what the way is?

Rich: No.

Mary: No.

Steve: So, obviously you can see how our education system is doing.

Mary: It’s like this much water in it. A third of a bottle.

Steve: This is how much time we are giving our kids in high school to not focus on their studies because clearly he figured out that if you have like 6.2 ounces in a 12 ounce bottle and you flip it up then it will land square every single time. So, it’s kind of funny that way, man, but I don’t know. Have you done that? Have you done the water bottle flip thing?

Rich: I would do it and just land it on my hand but that’s like cheating because I can move my hand.

Steve: You just move it...

Mary: So, this morning on Fox 5, Raul tried to do it. So, they threw him a bottle of water on set, he kept doing it, kept goofing it up, like 10 times, and then finally it landed.

Steve: And then finally he did it.

Mary: Yeah.

Steve: And he probably didn’t see... He just didn’t measure it out right.

Mary: But he’s not going to be on Ellen for that.

Steve: Well, but he’s got his own TV show, so he can do that kind of thing. Alright, so here’s what I know. This whole sort of phenomenon around new media and getting to the point where like literally folks from like the unknown land. That’s the beautiful thing about it. This is what I’m saying is like the days of folks tuning in for a particular show, certainly watching commercials, right? I mean with DVRs and tvOS and whatever else, the number of commercials being watched are so few and far between, where are these advertisers going to throw their money?

Mary: At us.

Steve: Because they don’t have anything to put... Well, that’s the thing, right?

Mary: That’s what we’re trying to pitch.

Steve: It’s all about a Tribe, it’s all about this following because right now I mean we literally are the media. Like, Mary Goulet, you are the media. Now, you may not have CBS type reach, right, where you’re in 69 billion households, but for your 690 followers or whatever it is, you’re the media.

Mary: Yep.

Steve: Like with, Rich, your 10 thousand – whatever the numbers are, it’s like – it’s like microchannels. So, we all have like our little microchannels and literally we are becoming the new media. So, that’s pretty cool here and I got to tell you I’m thinking at this point we got to figure out how to have Daaaamn Daniel on the show because if Ellen can have him, we should be able to have them on.

Mary: There you go.

Steve: Very cool, guys. We’ve got a whole bunch of fun stuff lined up up here. This is The Rant here on Reinvention Radio. We’ll talk to you guys next time.


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