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Steve: Alright, welcome to another edition here of Reinvention Radio. I am your host Steve Olsher and we’ve got a testosterone-filled house today .

Rich: It’s an all-male review again. We’ve got Paul running the board, which is a good thing. What’s up, my man?

Paul: What’s going on?

Steve: A new edition to the program here, Rich Otey of course, Mary Goulet decided I am not by any stretch of the imagination going to get in on the middle of this thing, and so Mary’s not here but the Wadester, White Wade will be joining us here any second. Paul, that’s how you refer to Wade at this juncture, correct?

Paul: Wadester or Waderick.

Steve: Or Wadrick. I like that, man. Alright, so very cool. Now, if you’re just joining us here on Reinvention Radio for the very first time listening to the weekly Rant. So, this is what we’re doing. It’s kind of a new thing but we decided we’re going to take the first segment here of the show and we’re just going to Rant. We’re just going to talk about sh*t that pisses us off, we’re going to talk about things that are in the news, we’re going to talk about things that really folks don’t need to hear but they’re going to listen to anyway because they just like us. So, that’s part of the plan here. And after this, we’re going to have Martin Lindstrom on and that should be pretty interesting because that dude is up to some really amazing things. Rich, let me ask you this man, first and foremost are you familiar with what happened last night in terms of a little airline? Did you hear about that?

Rich: Just bits and pieces. I tried to tune in this morning and everything just kept popping up with rate heights and ba ba ba ba ba and I never got the full story. But it sound like they found some of the wreckage...

Steve: So, the plane disappeared flying from Egypt to God knows where. I think it was from Paris to Egypt. So, what’s the deal with Paris exactly? So, basically the long story short is stay the f*ck away from Paris.

Rich: Yeah.

Steve: Because clearly when the terrorists decide this is what we’re going to target Paris is #1. What did Paris... Look. I know what Paris did to piss off the Americans. I get that, their snooty attitudes and all, but evidently the Parisians have done something to piss off the Muslims and the terrorists and whoever else as well because...

Rich: Parisians... [Laugh]

Steve: Why is everything... Wade, why are they taking Paris so much? What’s going on over there? You have inside information.

Wade: History.

Steve: History. There you go. It’s the revolution – it’s Bastille, right?

Wade: We’ll look up Algiers...

Steve: Is that in Africa? That’s a country in Africa.

Wade: That is.

Steve: What am I looking for?

Wade: French Colonialism. As they fought battles back in the 50s and 60s with separate as theirs. So, France... We’re not the only country in the world. These European countries have actually been around a while and have involved themselves in the rest of the world and that history comes with baggage.

Steve: Have you ever noticed how like when French people move to the states they lose their accent like in a heartbeat. Have you ever met anyone who is from France that still talks with an accent that still lives in the United States? Have you? I haven’t.

Rich: Only that came via Canada. That’s the only ones.

Steve: Anybody that’s like a native Frenchien, you don’t hear their accents at all. Like, it doesn’t exist...

Rich: No.

Steve: Because they come here and they know that if I’m going to talk with my French accident people are going to hate me and rightly so because they’re just pretty much hateable. So, yeah.

Wade: Well, especially with our English heritage. The English and the French have had an interesting history together as well that might influence our opinion.

Rich: Back to that baggage again.

Wade: Yeah. Exactly. Amazingly enough, actions have consequences.

Steve: Speaking of which baggage – did you know that two bags flies...

Paul: I think that’s pronounced Baggaaage.

Steve: Thanks, Paul. But...

Rich: Bageelay.

Steve: But from this point forward you can fly on Egyptian Airlines and get three bags for free. So, at this point you can take as many bags as you want because clearly it’s not going to end up at the destination. But, what is the deal with like these planes just disappearing off the radar? That’s what I don’t understand. I’m not trying to make light of this but, of course, I am, but at the same token, it’s like how do you literally... Like, if it goes into the water isn’t there something that... Hasn’t anybody figured that out? Like, with enough planes...

Rich: Like the black box thing or whatever?

Steve: Well, something. Like, if you put your phone down somewhere and you put one of those little tile things on it like literally you can like go on somewhere and dial and then like you can find your phone. Hasn’t anybody thought of maybe putting one of those tile chips...

Rich: Can you put those tile chips on your kids?

Steve: Yeah. I think you can put it on anything you want.

Wade: And why don’t they just make the whole plane out of the black box material?

Steve: Or they could do that. But seriously... Like golf. You guys hack a little bit?

Rich: Oh, yeah.

Steve: Every now and again, okay. You hack Paul sometimes?

Paul: No.

Steve: No, you don’t. You’re much smarter than I am. Wade, do you ever hack it around?

Wade: I’ve damaged turfs around the city.

Steve: The course shutters. When I show up at the course, the course like – oh, f*ck, not that guy. But they have actually a golf ball that is somehow trackable. You hit it and you look on your cell phone or whatever and it will show you exactly where your ball is.

Rich: Nice. Night golf is back.

Steve: Well, actually they have night golf which is super cool. What I don’t understand is with all of this technology being able to track stuff, how on earth do they keep losing... Did they ever find the Malaysian plane? Like, did they ever find the Malaysian plane?

Wade: Pieces.

Steve: Pieces of it.

Rich: And the same one, Pittsburgh after 9-11 too, the one – the Pennsylvania crash, didn’t they have a hard time finding that too?

Steve: They never found that plane at all, right?

Wade: When actually fairly thin aluminum slams into the ground at a high rate of speed there ain’t a whole lot left to find.

Steve: Alright. Here’s what I know.

Rich: You logical. [Laugh]

Steve: So, I always wanted to actually go to Europe this summer, and we’ll be going to the Wisconsin Dells. That would be the new plan for the summer. So, speaking of traveling this year, it’s pretty interesting because I consider California to be a fairly fit state, right? We moved here, we’ve got the sunshine, everybody likes doing their outdoor things, which is super cool. But here’s what I didn’t know. In the scheme of America’s fittest cities, you notice how I’m segueing from a plane crash to America’s fittest cities, but can you guess? Do you know what America’s fittest city is by the way? Wade, what is it?

Wade: I don’t know that, but I’m assuming the logic is since we’re all not going to be flying on planes and we’re going to be walking everywhere, we need to be fit, so I see the logic.

Steve: See. I knew the segue existed somewhere.

Rich: I see the logic, Wade.

Steve: So, alright. Let’s take a quick roundtable guess here. What do you think – and I don’t know what they base this on, but evidently, there’s something called an American Fitness Index Ranking. Like, no clue what on earth that actually is but there is one. So, curious. Out of all the cities, and we’re just talking America here, #1. What do you think is the fittest. Let’s do this. Name anyone in the Top 10. Give me anything in the Top 10.

Wade: I’m thinking LA because of all the trainers.

Paul: Denver, Colorado.

Steve: Denver, Colorado, okay. Actually, very good. Denver’s #3 on the list.

Rich: Yeah, I was going to say Colorado and/or southern California have to have three of them.

Steve: Ah, actually there’s only one in southern California that is on the list.

Rich: Wow!

Steve: And it just barely made the Top 10. Alright, where else? Give me something that’s in the Top 10?

Wade: I can see Miami because they have a fitness culture there. Now, the cocaine consumption in New York...

Steve: Not even.

Wade: ...might keep their weight down.


Steve: That explains the junkie, they’ve got that junkie thing going on. Alright, so who else? Who do you think is in the Top 10?

Rich: Give me some sort of context on who’s...

Steve: America.

Rich: I know. I’m saying, what is this test? At least the Presidential test when we were kids.

Wade: I presume we can exclude the southeast.

Steve: Let’s see if we could totally exclude the southeast. Well, actually sort of, kind of. There’s one city that made the Top 15.

Wade: Probably Atlanta.

Steve: It was Atlanta. Atlanta was #14 on the list. Very good.

Wade: Hip Hop keep sh*t thin.


Steve: That’s your motto, right? That’s what kept you thin all these years.

Paul: They have very good strippers down there.

Steve: And then there’s Paul’s answer. Exactly. So, Top 10. Where else? I never would have believed this to be #2 and actually this would have been a perfect time for Mary to be here because she would have been so proud that this is the #2...

Rich: Minnesota.

Steve: Minneapolis.

Wade: How is that possible?

Steve: Because Prince has all of his music going and they just like dance all the time there, so they’re really super fit.

Wade: Okay. I’ve got one phrase to say to you.

Steve: I’m listening.

Wade: Mayonnaise covered French fries.

Steve: And I have one word to say to you. Please! When are we doing...

Wade: I don’t see how that fits with a fit city. I’ve been to that part of the country. They eat mayonnaise on everything.

Steve: Alright, so now we have the Top... No we don’t even have the Top 1. You guys didn’t guess the top one. What’s the top, top, top city do you think for fittest city in America? And I have no idea what the hell is in this American fitness...

Rich: That’s what I say. I want to know the context because that, to me, is still like a...

Wade: I would presume it would have to the New York City/San Francisco where again you’ve got a fitness culture driving it.

Paul: In New York a lot of people walk.

Steve: Yeah. Okay. So, San Fran’s #5 on the list interestingly enough. Did New York even make it? Yes, New York – wow! New York is #22 on the list.

Rich: Holy cow! Seattle.

Steve: Alright, I’ll give you a hint. No. Other coast. It’s in that New York...

Rich: Boston?

Steve: Boston’s #7. So, it’s in that east coast...

Rich: This list is all jacked up. There’s no way...


Paul: Philadelphia?

Steve: Washington, DC.

Rich: It would max with this list.

Steve: Washington, DC, #1 on the list.

Rich: No way.

Steve: It’s DC.

Wade: As we’re still making guesses I wanted to bring Paul with his New Jersey background...

Steve: Let’s see if they’re on the list...

Wade: And I’m just wondering if running from muggers was sufficient...

Rich: Yeah, exactly. This is the index we’re working with.

Wade: In New Jersey...

Paul: New Jersey people are not fit. I don’t know. I don’t think they make it very far running from muggers. They just get mugged.

Steve: They’re just like – here! Just take it.

Paul: Just take it and leave me to my cupcakes.

Steve: So, Top 10. So, Washington, DC is #1 on the list, Minneapolis/St. Paul #2 on the list, #3 you guys said which was Denver, good call on that one, #4 – and I don’t understand how 4 and 6 are actually in the Top 10 here at all, but #4 is Portland. Portland. Like, do people even go outside? And #6 is Seattle. I don’t get it, like, it’s raining all the time, it’s cloudy all the time...

Wade: Maybe they’re having to run because they’re being rained in...

Steve: [Laughing] So, they run from place to place. That’s actually pretty smart. I think that might be the reason. #5 – oh, I said it was... No, I didn’t say it. #5 is San Francisco.

Rich: These are all places that drink coffee and smoke weed.

Steve: Well – and 7 is Boston, so I have no clue.

Rich: Okay, tea and weed then. [Laugh]

Steve: And go figure this. #8 is Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City. No idea why. #9 Hartford, Connecticut, and #10 gold old San Diego.

Rich: Yeah!

Steve: So, we made at least the Top 10 here, which is super impressive. But what’s even more impressive is let’s play the game of what are America’s least fit cities? Let’s look at the least fit cities. And if I had to guess I would have guessed it would have been like a mid-West, like a Green Bay or a Chicago or something like that.

Rich: Not like New Orleans?

Steve: Chicago actually did come in in that – where were they? Chicago was 12, interestingly enough. So, they were #12. So, New Orleans is in the bottom. New Orleans is in the bottom believe it or not. So, what do you think is the least – real quick, what’s the least least least fit city in America?

Rich: Biloxi, Mississippi.

Steve: Indianapolis. So, there you go. Go Colts! Very cool, man. Thanks for joining us here on The Rant on Reinvention Radio. Talk to you soon.


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