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1. Jew vs. Jewish
2. The Most Valuable Companies In The World
3. Minnesota & The 3 People We Know From There
4. Prince vs. Michael Jackson
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Steve: Alright, alright, alright. Hey, how are we doing today? It is another beautiful day here in San Diego. I’m Steve Olsher along with the lovely Mary Goulet, Rich Otey, and we’ve got Ace in the house as well. Good, good, good day. I’m excited. I hope you’re excited. This is going to be good quality fun. You know, I love money. I don’t know if you knew that or not but I’m a Jew. You knew that, right? And Jews, we love money. Rich, you know that, right?

Rich: [Laughing]

Steve: Come on. It’s okay. I’m here. You can say it.

Rich: I jokingly say...

Ace: You’re Jewish.

Steve: I’m Jewish, it’s true.

Ace: You’re not a Jew, you’re Jewish.

Steve: No, technically I’m... What’s the difference between a Jew and being Jewish? There’s no difference between those two.

Rich: Well, some people take the word Jew and they put it in the wrong context. You’re Jewish.

Steve: I’m going to Jew you down. Is that like the worse thing... I’ve actually had people say that to me not knowing I’m Jewish, and I’m like, what exactly does that mean? You know how Jewish people are cheap, and by the way you know how copper wire was invented, right? You know how copper wire was invented?

Ace: Yeah, I heard it.

Mary: Something about pennies.

Steve: Yeah, two Jews fighting over a penny. Yeah, exactly. And, by the way, that’s how the first parade in New York City got started as well. Somebody just rolled a penny down the street. A whole bunch of Jews are like saying, cool, and they just started marching. I’m Jewish. I can do those kinds of tings.

Rich: That’s funny. I like those jokes.

Steve: Thank you very much. So, really interesting, real quick, and I know we want to get into a couple of quick things about some other typical things like Prince and Michael Jackson and whatnot and he comparison between the two, but I’m talking about money today because of one very simple reason. You know what the most valuable company in the world was for a long time running here over the last little bit? Rich?

Rich: It was a fight between Exxon and Apple.

Mary: Apple fell second?

Steve: Ah, interesting. Apple – I’m not hearing you too good. We’ve got to get you louder. So, Apple was the most valuable company in the entire world.

Ace: Nah, it was the Italian mob in New York.

Steve: Well, there you go. But interestingly enough, what happened in the last quarter and actually more specifically in the last two weeks is Google. Google is now the most valuable company in the word.

Ace: How much?

Steve: Well, that’s actually a really good question. Let’s run that around real quick. So, Rich, what do you think. If you were to guess, man, what do you think Google is worth right now? What number would you throw at it? And you might actually know, but if you don’t know...

Rich: Somewhere between let’s just say 800 billion.

Steve: What do you think, guys?

Ace: No, that’s too high.

Steve: That’s too high, okay. So, what’s...

Ace: Actually, it’s funny, last night I was out to dinner with some friends and I was talking about DreamWorks being sold at the Comcast. And my friend said, you know how much it was sold for, and I said yeah, it sold for $3.8B and that was a lot of money – Steven Spielberg...

Steve: Jesus!

Ace: $3.8B. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Geffen.

Steve: Spielberg. Geffen’s dead though.

Ace: No, he’s not.

Steve: I thought Geffen is dead. Who’s the dead guy? I thought – No, Geffen’s dead, dude. I don’t know. We’ve got to look that one up. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Rich has the Internet.

Ace: But how much is Google worth?

Steve: Mary, how much do you think Google is worth right now, to be the most valuable company in the world?

Mary: I don’t know. Did you give a number on Apple already?

Steve: I did not. I didn’t give it on Apple. I didn’t give it on Google.

Ace: Richie Rich, what’s Apple worth?

Steve: Very, very close.

Rich: I’d say Apple was on their way to being the first trillion dollar company. That’s why I asked you...

Ace: So, what is Google?

Rich: It’s not that high, though. I guessed high.

Mary: It’s still less than the national debt?

Steve: I know, right? So, let’s see, Google right now – it’s not even called Google anymore.

Rich: It looks like Alphabet.

Steve: Alphabet. What – that’s like... They sat around with all that money... With all that money they sat around and that was the best that the R&D, that’s the best that the Marketing team, that’s the best name they could come up with?

Ace: Let’s like the Chicago band. Whoever named their band and their album. Chicago 1, Chicago 2 – I mean, who came up with that?

Steve: That’s a really good question. They sat around, they decided, you know what? Alphabet is going to be...

Ace: So, stay focused, dude.

Steve: That’s hard for me to do. You’ve listened to the show.

Ace: I understand that. How much is Google worth?

Steve: Half a bill – no, have a trillion.

Ace: Half a trillion.

Steve: Yeah, exactly.

Rich: 500 billion. Wow!

Steve: Just short of 500 billion.

Mary: Who can’t do Math now?

Ace: Now, let me ask you a question.

Rich: What do you mean?

Mary: Him.

Ace: Let me ask you a question. Do they have any...?

Steve: What’s a zero between friends anyway?

Ace: Do they have any earnings yet?

Steve: Google? A lot of earnings, oh, yeah.

Ace: What’s their stock selling for?

Steve: Well, their stock was selling for over a thousand bucks a share.

Ace: Wow!

Steve: It’s nuts. So, let’s play a little game here. You mentioned Exxon, they’re still in the top five. Where do you think they are in the top 5? Richie Rich.

Rich: 3rd or 4th now.

Mary: Even after the spill?

Steve: What do you think is third? Exxon is 4th. I was surprised by 3rd and I was surprised by 5th. Any idea?

Rich: Uh, I know it.

Steve: Any ideas? Mary. Mary. Mary.

Mary: I’ve got nothing.

Steve: Ace, you’ve got anything?

Ace: Ace is blanked.

Steve: So, Microsoft is still the 3rd most valuable company in the world. No. Clue. I figured those guys were done with the personal computer thing...

Rich: Oh, no, they’re big in the Cloud. I would have kept them in the Top 10.

Ace: Who’s 4th and 5th?

Steve: The 4th is Exxon and 5th I would never have guessed, Berkshire Hathaway.

Rich: Wow!

Steve: Berkshire Hathaway. That one guy. One guy started that thing 351 billion dollars.

Ace: That’s Warren Buffett.

Steve: That is Warren Buffett, yeah. So, speaking of 351 billion dollars which I do not have...

Mary: But we’re well on our way.

Steve: We are so well on our way. As a matter of fact I don’t even know if I have $351. I have to go look at my account. Do you ever go to your bank and get that little receipt thing and it shows like 12 bucks or something like that? I can personally attest...

Mary: That’s happened to me.

Steve: I have seen it with a negative balance. I have actually taken out money and have had a negative balance. Have you...?

Rich: Let’s work on that.

Steve: Right? We’ve got work to do.

Ace: Richie Rich, he needs to come to your seminar.

Steve: I know. And this was fairly recently. But, speaking of money, speaking of wills, speaking about all that fun stuff. So, Prince has been dead what about two weeks right now, right? The guy died without a Will.

Mary: Who does that? I even have a Will and I’m nobody.

Steve: He’s got what was it 300, 400 – however hundreds of millions.

Ace: 400 million.

Steve: 400 million dollars.

Rich: He’s Jehovah’s Witness and I think he thought...

Steve: He’s Jehovah’s Witness?

Ace: That’s right.

Rich: In sooner than – he probably didn’t think he had...

Steve: So, he’ll be taken care of in the afterlife anyway. So, he’s all good.

Ace: They say his estate’s worth as much as 800 million and they also have stated that in his vault he has 500 to a thousand unpublished songs that he wrote.

Rich: Oh, he has more than that for sure.

Mary: 500,000 did you say?

Steve: 500 million...

Rich: He said 500...

Ace: 500 to a thousand.

Steve: Oh, 500 to a thousand songs.

Rich: There’s more than that. He’s got...

Ace: Thousands and thousands.

Rich: I’ve just researched that and you’re calling me out on it?

Ace: No. I’m adding to what you’re saying.


Steve: Pick a bigger number.

Ace: Richie Rich knows. Okay, no it’s not, it’s 3,000 in that vault!

Steve: But seriously...

Rich: The illegitimate son’s getting it all.

Steve: That’s what I’m saying, right? So, first and fore...

Ace: That’s not true.

Steve: And here’s the thing. You know who’s going to win, and Mary you’re going to really appreciate this. You know who really wins in this whole game?

Ace: The attorneys.

Mary: The state.

Steve: The State of Minnesota. So, your state – your home state there, right.

Mary: Yeah, right.

Ace: You’re a Gopher?

Mary: I’m a Gopher.

Ace: Oh, my God! It’s amazing what Reinvention Radio brings to the airwaves.

Mary: I’m a squirrel.

Rich: She voted for Hubert Humphrey.

Steve: So, there you go! So, the State of Minnesota. They will literally get half, but who’s going to get the other half? Who dies with that kind of fortune and dies without a Will? This is a public service announcement for all the Wills and Trust attorneys in the world. We’ve got to get them a sponsor for this thing, my God.

Ace: And Richie Rich was right. Because he was a Jehovah Witness, they didn’t believe in having Wills and as a matter of fact, they went one step further where he put off a hip replacement because Jehovah Witnesses don’t believe in...

Steve: So, it’s just going to heal itself basically.

Ace: Well, it’s funny, but his sister is now – I think she’s the Executor.

Rich: He’s got the moves – working back into play.

Steve: So, say what you will about Michael Jackson...

Ace: But I’ve got to tell you before that I have a lot of respect for Prince for one reason and one reason alone is that he could have moved at Bel Air Estates and Beverly Hills. He stayed in his hometown of Minnesota and became an icon and everybody who I talked to when I say Minnesota, they go – something about Prince.

Steve: And who else do you know from Minnesota. There’s like two people I know.

Ace: Mary Goulet!

Steve: Well, Mary Goulet for sure but when I think of Minnesota I think of three people.

Ace: She’s the queen.

Steve: I think of Kirby Puckett...

Ace: Yes.

Steve: Like, that’s all I can think... Do you know who Kirby Puckett is? You know who Kirby Puckett is.

Mary: I know the name.

Ace: Minnesota Twin baseball player. He passed away, won the World Series. Who else?

Steve: I think of Kirby Puckett, I think of Kevin Garnett...

Mary: He’s the smartest one on the room.

Ace: Absolutely, Kevin Garnet.

Steve: And Prince. So, what does that tell you about me? What does that actually tell you...

Mary: Fran Tarkenton.

Steve: That’s true. But what does that tell you about the State of Minnesota. If I’m talking about Kirby Puckett, Prince, and Kevin Garnett, what does that say about the State of Minnesota?

Mary: I don’t know, what?

Steve: It says that the only people who ever do anything come out of that state are black. That’s what I think it means because...

Ace: Wow!

Steve: ...I don’t know anybody else from Minnesota. You would think with all the white people in Minnesota...

Mary: Mary Tyler Moore.

Rich: Yeah, they all stop a little short. Like Fran Tarkenton, Bud Grant...

Steve: Who’s Bud Grant?

Mary: Coach.

Rich: He was the coach of the team.

Mary: The Vikings.

Rich: The team – it was almost like the Bills. They could get there all the time, but they could never...

Ace: Never won a Superbowl 100%.

Steve: Yeah.

Ace: I think of Hubert Humphrey.

Rich: Not like San Diego has anything...

Ace: I think of Senator Cole.

Steve: Who? The Cole family. I have no idea. Do you know who the Cole family is? I have no idea who that is.

Ace: You don’t know anything about Minnesota politics.

Steve: Well, that’s true.

Mary: (Garfield 9:45), 3M

Ace: Jesse Ventura.

Mary: Honeywell.

Steve: The Body.

Mary: Jesse Ventura.

Ace: Jesse Ventura. Come on, Man. Minnesota is enriched. Actually the FCC’s on the line because your disparaging mark about Minnesota. There’s a lot of great people that come from Minnesota.

Rich: It’s Internet radio. He can say whatever he wants.

Steve: Actually, one of my favorite memories of all was my wife’s uncle, speaking of Jake the body, my wife’s uncle had a Randy Macho Man Savage T-shirt that obviously had been white at one point, got run into the washer with a lot of the reds, so at this point it was pink. So, he had a pink Randy Macho Man Savage T-shirt on and he said basically we were out playing tennis, that kind of thing, we were just hanging out with those guys, do you want to play tennis. This is an old guy who if you watched him walk it would literally take him 10 minutes to walk from the sofa to the refrigerator. 10 minutes to walk. He got on the tennis court he was like Federer out there. I was like, oh my God!

Mary: [Laughing]

Steve: Like literally, we’re like it’s 6-love, you want to play again. I was like I didn’t even know you spoke that much English. He only speaks tennis – like, English, tennis language or something 6-love, 6-love, 6-love. And I was like okay clearly I don’t have a tennis career in front of me.

Ace: Getting back to your comparison between Prince and Michael Jackson, I think it’s genius because they’re connected in a lot of different ways.

Steve: Well first and foremost you got to figure #1, how does Michael Jackson end up smarter at the end of the day than Prince? Because you would think that Michael Jackson is just the dumbest guy on earth because clearly he’s doing the most...

Rich: Michael Jackson had people doing things for him.

Steve: That must have been it. So, Prince just said, okay – so with that Jehovah witness kind of thing, maybe they just have that community where the block people out...

Mary: And Prince was a little bossy.

Steve: He was a little... [laughing]

Rich: Little and bossy?

Mary: His crew was kind of afraid of him. He was a little bossy guy.

Steve: Well, he’s a good guy. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to have Justin Livingston up next. We’re going to be talking about Internet Marketing. More on Reinvention Radio right after this.


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