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Soul-full Sunday on Reinvention Radio with Mary Goulet

Mary starts a discussion citing an article she read in the Wall Street Journal pertaining to civility at work. The article shares how being civil to others provides a psychological safety net. For Mary personally, she has decided not to hang out with mean people.

Steve shares about Chainsaw Al who was one of the most notorious business restructuring executives who has renown for his brutal approach to cutting out the fat in the companies where he was hired. He comes in and totally dismantles the team. The results of these efforts — while perhaps providing for short-term benefit — inevitably completely changes the morale in the workplace and the long-term impact is questionable.

Mary refers to a company in the article who required every employee to know every other employee’s name. If they were able to accomplish this they all received a bonus… if anyone, just ONE, missed a name… no one received a bonus. Talk about pressure!

Steve believes that most people don’t know how to communicate. They weren’t taught how. They have a lack of respect for other people.

Mary’s mantra is how she deals with snarky people and comments — Stay Calm. Be Kind. Have Patience. All Good.


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